GALLERY: CBC eGovernance Solutions semifinals and finals

09. October, 2017

“Creative start-ups can support every sector,” said managing director of Creative Business Cup, Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning when he opened the CBC eGovernance Solutions semifinals.

The board member of the e-Governance Academy, Hannes Astok, explained why public e-services are needed and how countries can bring them into life. “Digital elements do not work without analogals. All kinds of e-services must be supported by legislation, the skill of change management, the will to implement them and they must be led by a sustainable organisation,” he said. Digital signatures and other solutions allow citizens more free time – no need to go anywhere physically.

“These startups have the opportunity to do something groundbreaking – transform the way we think, do and build governance. The reach of implementing these kinds of solutions is immense and that calls for some careful thinking and orchestrating, but also the possibility to create connectivity between the working government and the people.” – Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, managing director, Creative Business Cup.

Check out pictures of CBC eGovernance Solutions finals from here – (Award ceremony starts from the second page).

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