PESA Virtual Academy Moldova

What is it?

PESA Virtual Academy is a 3-month accelerator programme for startups.

The aim of the programme is to share information and guide novice entrepreneurs to develop their business quickly and smoothly.

The PESA Virtual Academy lecturers are experienced mentors, startup entrepreneurs and investors from the e-state and startup country, Estonia.

Participating startups have a unique possibility to develop their ideas into concrete and competitive businesses. PESA provides video training and personal mentor coaching.

What do I get?

PESA programme consist of:
– Video trainings
– Group works
– Home assignments
– Personal mentor sessions
– Stories from other successful businesses
– Investor pitch
– Award winning trip to Estonia (17-18 June 2021) to participate at the Latitude 59, that is the flagship startup and tech event of the world’s first digital society.

How to participate?

– Log into PESA Virtual Academy
– Fill your team profile

Viorica Cerbușca,
Grete Kodi, 

Who is behind the PESA Virtual Academy?

The programme has been developed in collaboration with Creative Estonia, Creativity Lab, ArtCOR HUB and Creative Industries Association in Moldova, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Moldova and is funded through the Development Cooperation Programme of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.