Estonian Design at 3 Days of Design

ESTonishing ESTonian Design

This year  Embassy of Estonia together with  Enterprise Estonia  and  Loov Eesti exhibits number of exciting Estonian brands at 3daysofdesign festival. Soft and hard, light, dark and transparent. Estonian embassy is open for the visitors during the 3DD from Thursday, Friday 10-18 and Saturday 10-14.


Meet the designers TALKS at the Estonian embassy take place Thu, May 23 at 17 – 18 and Fri, May 24 at 10 – 11.

We seek to inspire you through unique, raw and unpolished designs, born out of passion! Come meet our Estonian artisans and their designs, feel their dreams and taste some traditional Estonian beverages, while you get inspired. On May 23–24 it’s your chance meet the people behind ESTonishing ESTonian designs, at the Copenhagen 3daysofdesign fESTival –smartEST silent spaces, coolEST rugs, clearEST glass, brightEST lamps, finEST wood furniture and much more. Be our guEST.


Frederiksgade 19, 41265 Copenhagen

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