MEDS – Smart destinations

Creative Estonia takes part in Erasmus+ MEDS – Smart destinations project.

MEDS aims to build on the key concepts and practices of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism (Accessibility, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Cultural heritage & creativity) to a novel cohort of Destination Managers capable of working in and with public administrations. They will encourage the digitalization of tourism and social innovation of small European destinations, contributing to making them evolve with a common purpose and a strong sense of place shared by visitors and residents.

MEDS offers a learning approach that combines digital microlearning with physical co-creation labs to expedite smart tourism in European destinations. Learners will immerse into work-based learning experiences in which they will act as Budding Managers of Smart Destinations and will develop new projects and actions of sustainable tourism that can be driven and led by public authorities, also by activating public-private partnerships, and by using public and private resources.

At the end of the transformative learning journey of MEDS, participants will be ready to better understand and manage evolutions brought about by the twin green and digital transitions, and overcome the old idea of tourism as a separate and stagnant sector in favor of a more inclusive and integrated approach. They will be empowered to ignite new models of tourism governance participated by the private sector and local communities.

Partners of the project:

  • Synthesis Center for Research and Education Ltd, 
  • Bulgarian Tourist Chamber/Bulgarian
  • Loov Eesti /Creative Estonia
  • Arctur
  • CCIAA Matera