SILEN SPACE room in a room

Silen Spaces are comfortable and modular silent rooms for open spaces. The modular concept enables you to change the room whenever you need it. By adding a module you can upgrade any space to fit six people, apart from the module Space 1. All modules have hidden wheels and adjustable legs which make them quickly movable and easily installable, even on uneven surfaces. The modules can be attached and detached swiftly and simply, allowing you to create your space for your needs

Silen Space has distributors in the furniture industry worldwide, from Scandinavia to US, Australia and Dubai.

Silen Spaces was born out of a wish to feel free, we wanted to create a space that supports a mind on an exploration. We introduced our first generation of silent spaces at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007.

In 2018 we introduced our new generation Silen Spaces at ID Helsinki fair in Finland and have showcased our products at the Orgatec fair in Germany, at the Dubai Design Week, our next fair is Neocon in Chicago 10-12th of June, see you there?