SEOS lamps

SEOS lamps by Tõnis Vellama 

SEOS is designer Tõnis Vellama’s Studio, which was founded over 20 years ago to provide custom solutions for lighting.

Today, SEOS has a small collection of handmade lamps and modern chandeliers: “It is essential to us, that our customers enjoys flexibility. As an example we offer a range of special colors and individual modifications to accommodate any personal interior style and requirements.”

Our customers include concert halls, hotels, embassies and other public spaces, that have been equipped with unique installations – from initial design process to final product delivery.

Tõnis Vellamaa has studied product design at the Estonian Academy of Art and has been fascinated with lamps since his graduation. In addition, Tõnis has been studying and working in Denmark at Holbæk Konsthøjskole and Jacob Jensen Design, his distinctive personal style is described as romantic minimalism.