VERANDA glass by Birgit Pählapuu

Veranda is a set of handcrafted red and white wine glasses, champagne and shot glasses. All glasses come in six different varieties: three with blue, red and green stems, and three with blue, red and green feet. The handcrafted design is inspired by the way the sun overflows a porch while honoring the legacy of the 18th century glass designer, Johannes Lorup.  Birgit Pählapuu was inspired to start her company when she studied glass design in Prague, which ultimately led to the first product launch in 2016.

Veranda glasses are shown at design galleries as glass art and sold in interior design and wine shops: “Our customers are usually looking for something special and different. Our customers value the handcrafted design, the emotions and the story it tells above anything else.”

The designer Birgit Pählapuu studied glass art at the Estonian Academy of Art. She works with glass because it is her artistic way of expression: “Glass is a material that you wish to get to know more and more.” She believes that glass is able to reflect a part of her back into her surroundings. All she wants, is to stay on a path on where she can remain lovingly critical towards herself and her designs.