Research and strategies

2019 OMC Group Overview of EU policies and studies related to entrepreneurship and innovation in cultural and creative sectors


2019 KEA Culture and creative sectors in the European Union – Key future developments, challenges and opportunities
2018 EYCH Study on the Circus sector in Member States
2019 JUC Design Thinking Toolkit for Developing Business Ideas
2019 BBC Arts Even minimal creative activity boosts wellbeing
2019 UNCTAD Creative Economy Outlook
2019 Creative Lenses
Report: Business Models Profiling Of Cultural Centers & Performing Arts Organisations
2019 Erasmus+ project The Co-Create online Handbook For Creative Professionals
2019  Creative Fuse Success for creative businesses is more than just creating jobs, study concludes
2018 Ace Sector Study The Architectural Profession In Europe 2018
2018 European Commission CORDIS – all EU funded researces and innovation projects
2016 European Commission
Boosting the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries for growth and jobs
2015 Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy  Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe:

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Executive summary:

2014 KEA Creating, innovating, disrupting through A&B organisations
2013 EENC Kultuuri- ja loomemajanduse ekspordi ning rahvusvahelistumise strateegiad
2012 EL liikmesriikide loomemajanduse töögrupp Policy Handbook -how to use strategically EU programmes
2011 European Commission Entrepreneurial Dimension of the Cultural and Creative Industries
2010 European Commission Creative Industries Green Paper 
2010 European
Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries

Main file and Methodics separately

European Commission Measuring Creativity: the book
2009 KEA European Affairs Impact of Culture on Creativity
2007 Eurostat Euroopa kultuuristatistika taskuteatmik 2007
Christian Handke Surveying innovation in the creative industries
2006 KEA European Affairs Economy of Culture in Europe
2014 KEA Creating, innovating, disrupting through A&B organisations
2013  EENC Mapping of Cultural and Creative Industry Export and Internationalisation Strategies in EU Member States
2013 United Nations/UNDP/UNESCO  United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013
2012 ETI Development Cycle of Small and Micro Creative Enterprises in Estonia
2011 The Tallinn Manifesto – a Tool for Strategic Development across the Creative Economy
2011 ETI
Creative Metropoles
How to Support Creative Industries
2011 Aalto University School of Economics, Small Business Center Creative entrepreneurs’ perceptions about entrepreneurial education
2011 Aalto University School of Economics, Small Business Center Perceptions of entrepreneurship among future creative professionals
2010 Estonian Ministry of Culture Creative Industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Creative Metropoles
Creative Metropoles – Situation analysis of 11 cities
Tallinn 2009 Institute of Economic Research Survey and Mapping of the Creative Industries in Estonia
Tallinn 2009 ETI Potential of Creative Industries in Estonia and State Support Measures Needed for Development
Tartu City Council Hands-on: Regional Strategies for Creative Industries in Bergen, Tartu and Turku

ETI: Estonian Institute for Future Studies, Tallinn University Estonian Institute of Humanities