Creative Estonia

Creative Estonia is a CCI Cluster and development center, which promotes and develops creative industries and creative businesses in Estonia.

Creative Estonia was established in 2009 and its main activities are to:

  • Present the content, unique characteristics plus economic, social and regional value of creative industries. 
  • Create a discussion-platform for the creative industry problems and solutions at the highest level.
  • Support both startups and already established companies in the creative industries sector with much-needed information and advice. 
  • Develop and promote a positive image for CCI companies. 
  • Support the development of business skills in the CCI sector.
  • Support the increase in the export abilities of creative businesses.
  • Build both national and international networks and operate as a CCI cluster. 


Creative Estonia takes actively part in several  international projects.

Our sevices

Creative Estonia conducts its work with advice from a think tank that includes leaders from creative industries support structures and development centres from the various creative associations. All work is carried out by Creative Estonia along with representatives of the target groups and partners.

Eesti Disainikeskus Tallinna Ettevõtlusinkubaator
1 9 
Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus Estonian Art Academy
4 11
Norden – Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu esindus Eestis British Council
logo_CHERNOZEM_v2  12 
ChernozemCCI in Ukraine.  Estonian Theatre Agency 
 Creative Caucasus Estonian Architecture Centre 
14 15 
Culture Cauldron Creative Park
Mainor_logo_x55px 16
An university of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for (future) entrepreneurs.  We offer our students intense contact with the business world throughout their studies in the form of visiting lectures, regular informal meetups and internships. MEKTORY unites scientists and students with entrepreneurs in order to generate new ideas and to solve practical problems in product development.
MI_logo logo est 5-001
Marketing Institute

Turundusproff OÜ (brand name Marketingi Instituut) is an Estonian company focusing on training and consultancy in export, marketing and entrepreneurship

The Finnish Institute in Estonia maintains, develops, and strengthens Finnish–Estonian cultural cooperation in different fields of art, education, and society. The institute also keeps track of the societal developments in Estonia and participates in it through its programs.


E-governance Academy empowers central and local government decision makers to lead
digital transformation programmes to create smart, sustainable
and effective e-Government, e-Democracy and
Cyber Security solutions.

NICE spells out as “Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe”. This smart trans-sectorial network consists of stakeholders from all over Europe to join forces and systematically promote the impact of arts, culture and the creative industries on innovation, urban development. Its members share the mission to address the major challenges of our world through non-tech innovations driven by the cultural and creative sectors

NEM Initiative – The NEM Initiative (New European Media Initiative) was established as one of the European Technology Platform under the Seventh Framework Programme, aiming at fostering the convergence between consumer electronics, broadcasting and telecoms in order to develop the emerging business sector of networked and electronic media. WORTH Partnership Project creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop design-driven and innovative products.

Music Estonia is a music industry development centre and export office in Estonia

 The Estonian Film Institute is a national foundation financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture. The institute is broadly divided in three departments: development and marketing, production and heritage. The heritage department is also in charge of the film literacy.