Creative Estonia

Creative Estonia is an initiative aimed at promoting and delevoping creative industry sector in Estonia.

What Creative Estonia aims at

Creative Estonia was established in 2009 by Enterprise Estonia, funded by the European Social Fund in order to increase awareness about the potential of creative industries in Estonian economy.

The larger aim is to presenting the content, unique characteristics, economic, social and regional value of creative industries and creating aplatform for the discussion of creative industry problems and solutions at the highest level.

It is equally important to support beginning and established creative businesses with much needed information and advice, increasing the business and export ability of creative businesses.

One of the problems most of the countries encounter is the lack of cooperation between creative individuals and the industrial and service sectors. Therefore it is needed to encourage and increase cooperation to make use of the abilities, talents and creativity of creative people with the aim of developing and becoming more competitive.

Lately Creative Estonia has contributed to forming cooperation networks, and the exchange of expertise and information nationally and internationally – to present the model of Estonian creative industries to Europe and bring the best European practices to Estonia.

Our tools

The Creative Estonia portal gathers a lot of information and support material about creative industries in Estonia. It functions as a news portal for the sector in cooperation with partner organisations, offering up-to date information about events, studies, support measures and also featuring interviews and articles with outstanding people in the sector. The most visited pages focus on starting and developing a creative business.

As the role of starting and existing creative businesses is vital, Creative Estonia launched the virtual product and service development environment PESA in 2011. Today each year  20 companies with great export potential from different parts of Estonia are taking part of the 1-year support program. Businesses and cultural organisations are also invited to free regional marketing seminars taking place once a year in 5 different towns in Estonia. You can see the last year´s PESA graduates catalogue HERE

TeamLab product development days  take place twice a year. TeamLab aims to connect designers, engineers and managers in order to create new products. The first TeamUp was held in 2010 autumn as a one-day-event. The next events are already be a two-day event – during the first day teams are formed who will prepare a product project. On the second day the teams will present their business plan to the jury.

In 2011 Creative Estonia has issued “Creative Industries in Estonia”- a publication presenting the state of the industry in Estonia and the best examples to show that Estonia is a country committed to innovation and contributing added value. The publication presents the support structure that has been established for creative industries and the support measures put in place by the State, as well as highlight successful creative industry businesses and projects.

To encourage contact between businesses and creative people, Creative Estonia organises various events and seminars, open-coffee style meetings and short lectures where creative businesses and potential investors are brought together. To promote the idea of creative industries, Creative Estonia participates in conferences to do with management, business and innovation as well as other areas, and seeks solutions to problems in the creative industries with input from key figures from local government level right up to the parliament.

Creative Estonia is a national host of Creative Business Cup – a global competition for creative industries.

Creative Estonia conducts its work with advice from a think tank that includes leaders from creative industries support structures and development centres from the various creative associations. All work is carried out by Creative Estonia along with representatives of the target groups and partners.