Best from the NEST – Listen to the stories of our incubation programme alumni

02. June, 2017

PESA is a unique web-based development programme for creative undertakings. Training instructors and mentors direct the development and sales of products/services, and each undertaking that has joined PESA focuses on its own product or service. The programme consists of five parts: 1) Product and service development, 2) Marketing, 3) Business model, 4) Financing, 5)Management.

Here you can listen 3 interviews made with PESA incubation programme alumni.

Framed by Karl – Karl Annus / owner

The process of combining two basic materials, wood and glass, in eyewear frames, interested designer Karl Annus since university. The idea grew into a one-man business with product, manufacturing equipment, and customers too. The customers were the biggest headache – the queue for individual frames was fifty people long, with waiting times of up to five years. Through the PESA programme, Karl looked for new knowledge production organisation an exports. Currently, things have settled down. Off-the-shelf frames can be purchased immediately, and waiting times personalised frames are down to one month. Karl has his first paid employee, and his team has around a dozen partners who contribute to everything from graphic design to marketing when needed. The number of personalised eyewear frames has grown to 100 per year. The first orders have also come in from Finnish eyewear shops and currently the search is on for sales representatives in other countries.

Listen interview with Karl Annus by clicking HERE

Stella Soomlais Stuudio – Stella Soomlais / owner

Stella Soomlais, one of the best-known Estonian leather artists, creates minimalistic leather products for people with meticulous taste. It is primarily the exclusive material that appeals in purses, wallets and wristbands. When Stella joined the PESA programme in 2012, she was in the process of designing her first ever collection. She had already established her company, but was not quite sure of how to implement the business model created in her master’s thesis. Was it possible at all? It took systematic homework, communication with top specialists and discussions on other people’s experiences – and the goals set at the time have now been accomplished. She now employs a total of 12 people and the turnover has increased exactly ten times since she first began. She has launched a novel bag recycling system – the shoulder straps and pockets can be easily exchanged or reused in a new product. And for those who wish to keep using the old bag, Stella also provides some refreshing treatment. With compliments guaranteed!

Listen interview with Stella Soomlais by clicking HERE

Sofable – Ivar Maripuu and Indrek Maripuu / owners

PESA programme lecturer and consultant Indrek Maripuu decided to take the course himself. From time to time, various events are organised in his Loovusait studio from brainstorming meetings to wine tastings. Sometimes they need chairs and tables; sometimes they don’t. So Indrek decided to create a table-seat that does not require constant storage. And as he says himself – PESA is the best place for such developments. Two rather clumsy Sofable prototypes had already been completed when Indrek joined PESA. In cooperation with Sixten Heidmets, the focus began to shift a little. It no longer became a table-bench, but a table-sofa! By the end of the programme, they had completed the 14th prototype, which looked quite elegant. The 15th prototype has now been completed, with the transition mechanism commissioned from an engineering company. And the action is finally suitable for slender 19-year-old girls also. As the mechanism still needs some fine-tuning, the brothers do not quite dare announce the precise time of the launch of production and sales. But they have assured that they are closer to it than ever before. Quite close.

Listen interview with Indrek Maripuu by clicking HERE