Call for collaborative arts festival projects in the Nordics & BSR

11. June, 2018

NordicBaltic Festival Platform (NBFP) has now opened their fourth Call for Projects (CfP) fostering festival collaborations in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region (Denmark (incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Estonia, Finland (including the Åland Islands), Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden).

CfP winners will have the opportunity to present their idea to the regions’ arts festival leaders at the NBFP 2018 Conference, taking place October 22-24th in Gdansk, Poland, with a ten minute presentation and a five minute Q&A. In addition an hour of focused networking for connecting with potential partners is facilitated. Please note that accommodation and travel costs (up to €300) will be covered for one representative of each CfP  winner. The selected projects will also receive consulting from the NBFP working group and visibility through various communication activities.

Applications must be submitted in English. To learn more about the guidelines and the application form, visit the Call for Projects section on the NBFP website. For this round of applications there will be no limitations in relation to choice of artistic content. However, a project must be presented by a festival and aim to find at least one partner festival from the region to collaborate with.

Applications Deadline: June 22nd 2018 at 23:59 CET

Open to festivals across the arts sector in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.

In case you have questions about the application procedure, please contact the NBFP working group at

You can also check out their streaming platform for which they are actively seeking content. Find out more and share your festivals work to a wider audience –!



The NBFP is an initiative for arts festivals in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region which aims to foster cultural cooperation in the area by enhancing the number and strength of connections as well as the capacity and visibility of festivals. The Platform is open to festivals across the arts sector.