Creative entrepreneurship — the case for Investment

28. January, 2019

“A new report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) indicates that the global creative economy is showing resilience and growth. The report includes country profiles for 130 economies and highlights opportunities for developing countries to increase their production, exports, and get their share of the creative industries pie,” writes Andrea Dempster-Chung, a co-founder and executive director at the Kingston Creative.

She continues:

The biggest success story from the developing nations group is China — still the number one exporter of creative goods in the world, with export growth rates of over 7% for global trade in creative goods. Remarkably, China’s exports grew at double the global average over the 13 year period.

Despite an abundance of data and numerous reports abroad that finesse earnings down to the hour, at home there is still some confusion about what the creative economy actually is.

The creative industries include music, festivals, fashion, culinary arts, architecture, arts and crafts, toys and jewellery, museums and heritage sites, marketing and advertising, new media and publishing, research and development, software, computer gaming, and other core creative work like dance, theatre and visual arts.


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