DESIGN GEORGIA presents creative works by Georgian Designers

02. March, 2020

We are pleased to invite you to a fabulous event from 5th to 30th of March. Spend every day exploring something exceptional for your soul: furniture, interior objects, fashion and accessories. Grand opening will take place on March 7th.

You will discover works of DesignScolio a Georgian design studio that works on interior and furniture design and creates interior accessories and fashion. Studio offers a carefully selected range of various items based on a theme as a season’s colorful pattern collections. Objects are mostly presented as creative sets, assembled with unique printed or hand-crafted materials with high quality execution.

Funduki a Georgian family artist studio, is producing eco-friendly DIY furniture with no use of glue or screws. Chairs, stools, shelves and tables are assembled and dismantled like pieces of a puzzle. Besides the furniture, Funduki offers very interesting souvenirs, all natural and colorful t-shirts and tote bags, rompers and jackets with Funduki’s original prints. Funduki runs concept store in Fabrika, there is only one place like this in Tbilisi!

Art Studio&Gallery “White Studio” creates handmade ceramics, textile, furniture, home accessories and art objects for interior and exterior. Each piece presented at the gallery is unique. All works are charged with positive energy, warmth and love. The combination of ‘WS Textile’ and ‘WS Ceramics’ gives you the opportunity to decorate your home, office or other venue with original, artistic and unique flair. ‘WS Textile’ prints are based only on ‘WS Ceramics’ artworks.