Gaming giants to visit Tallinn University

17. March, 2015

The biggest game developer and publisher Creative Mobile, Tallinn University Baltic Film

and Media School and gaming accelerator GameFounders host a game conference called

GameDev Days 2015 in Tallinn on April 8th and 9th, 2015. Featured speakers include people

from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and others.


The largest game developers’ conference in Estonia will take place on April 8-9 in Tallinn

University, Astra building. The conference has three main topics: technology, business and


The technology section will host various seminars and workshops where game developers can get

general advice as well as share their experiences in developing. The business part of the

conference will handle pillars of the game business – finding and keeping users. A new segment

for this year is game studies – Tallinn University has arranged talks by researchers from around the

globe. The topics will include gaming psychology, neurosciences and using games in education. A

separate block will introduce the new Master’s program at Tallinn University called Learning

Games, which will start in autumn 2015.


“What we have here is the largest gaming-related conference in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

The conference will bring together international top developers from three fields: scientists

working with games, enterprises creating games and developers creating the technologies behind

the games,” explains associate professor of BFM and one of the organizers of the event, Andres



The key speakers of GameDev Days include representatives from many giants of the gaming

sector: Creative Mobile, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Unity and GameFounders.

In addition, developers from Estonia and other countries will present their new games at the

showcasing event called Game Village.


The Estonian gaming industry has grown rapidly in the past years and currently encompasses over

30 companies. Many Russian and Ukrainian companies, who enjoy the transparent business

culture and the e-services in Estonia, are also moving here. The potential of the gaming industry in

Estonia is comparable to the Nordic countries, where one position in the gaming industry

generated more than €250,000 revenue in 2014.


More information on the conference, tickets and sponsors of the conference can be found on The final programme will be published in the middle of March.

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Anna Silem