Global Games leads the pack as Estonia is accepted into Google Play’s Merchant Account Service

07. September, 2015

Global Games is one of the first companies from Estonia to a release a game on Google Play. The pirate themed strategy game, Captain Cash offers a unique adventure and is free to download today. 

Google Play:

Launching also on IOS soon.


Estonia’s long overdue entry into the Google Play market can be credited to President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Despite Estonia’s booming IT industry, the country was not part the Google Play Merchant Account Service. However this problem was resolved when the Estonian President wrote to Google in spring, demanding that Estonia was accepted into the Merchant Account list.

Global Games along with other freelancers and companies have quickly taking advantage of this new opportunity by registering and uploading their apps.

About Global Games OÜ: Global Games is based in Tallinn, Estonia and was founded in 2013 by three ambitious young men. The company is developing and publishing games for mobile devices, with Captain Cash being it’s first release.