Internationalisation for a Better World – A Call for Transformative Innovations

27. August, 2018

Internationalisation today does affect all sectors of our everyday life – today and in the future especially in its inevitable connection to digitisation. It offers new opportunities and empowerment to cities and citizens alike as much as it creates new challenges to tackle and skills to learn. Innovations and inventions from the cultural and creative sectors have been at the fore front of internationalisation – traditionally music, film or literature and now lately immersive virtual reality, 3D printing or design.

In 2017, the European Commission started the Cultural Diplomacy Platform1: cultural and creative institutions and entrepreneurs are now recognized as a vital part even of international relations .

Submissions are accepted until 30 September 2018 (midnight)

Focus 2019

Innovations in international solutions driven by cultural and creative sectors can be innovative cooperations or projects, products, business models or even market creating structures. A special focus is given to innovations from the cultural and creative industries involving big data, open government, transparent governance and the well-being of local, regional and national stakeholders.

Since 2013, the annual NICE Award has been promoting innovations through the cultural and creative sectors, and their integration into the wider economy and society, with the aim of tackling the major challenges of our future today. To this end, the NICE Award creates visibility and know-how transfer throughout Europe for innovations that have been overlooked until now. It kicks off debates and sparks ideas in industry, culture and government, and motivates cultural and creative makers to be innovative and more experimental.

Photo By Sebastian Becker