Investor pitching course for creative businesses

05. January, 2018

The aim of this course is to share with you some key tricks and recommendations on how to prepare a memorable and effective presentation or pitch in order to find investors, present your products and services to your customers, or attract people to your cause. Good pitching skills are crucial for anyone, especially if you have a start-up business or organisation which is looking to grow and develop.

4 courses = 40 min

Lecture no. 1. strarts with strategic communication – getting your message right.

The biggest mistkate people often do is that they dont exactly know why they are making a particular pitch or presentation. You should never make a presentation before you know exactly what is your objective with the speech.

Next lecture focuses on how to be convincing.

Aristotle in his famous book “Rhetoric” laid out the principles of how to be convincing already in 4th century BC. He said, that persuasion takes place on three levels. The means of persuasion are following: Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Lexture no. 3. The 10 key elements of investor pitch

In essence, pitching is presenting your business idea/model or your product or service verbally. Pitches differ in purpose and format, there is no one-way  of doing them, so you should always leanr first that is expected from you during the pitch.

and finally, with last course you’ll learn how to deliver a good pitch.

Now you have thought through your pitch in strategic terms – you know your audience, your message and your tactics. You have prepared your pitch and done your homework on every element.

Take the course now and master the technics of presenting memorable and effective pitch in order to find investors. Free course is available HERE.