Meet the teams in PESA Virtual Academy

23. March, 2020

Although the current situation has changed our plans as well, the web-based PESA Virtual Academy  in Georgia starts to introduce participating companies. 

Meet the first ones: 


GuestMe is the first Georgian platform for authentic home dining experiences. connects travelers with Georgian Families. Now we all have the possibility to join the local Georgian families and have the dining in-home experience with them, accompanied by genuine local cuisine.
 Many of the travelers feel as a client while searching for and purchasing authentic local experiences.
GuestMe’s hosts are sharing cultural and culinary traditions at their homes, where travelers feel like visiting their old friends, as far as, hosting for the GuestMe team is first of all, a hobby, and then an additional source of income.

Tourists traveling in Georgia and seeking for excitement, differentiation, and new tastes and experiences in an authentic way. is the MVP (minimum viable product), which is enough for us to be launched in Beta mode and test the rentability and market fit of the concept. The platform itself has a custom-made design and functionality, which gives us the possibility to develop or change it according to our future needs. (beta version) was launched 2 months ago.


INSIEME is a digital destination for beauty service providers and their users, its unique set of functions allows users to book services online and gives beauty centers opportunity to increase the number of customers by managing reservations in an effective and efficient way

We are solving problems for beauty centers by providing them with the tool to manage their bookings, see analytics and customer history, also we allow them to use our system for their marketing activities. on the other hand, we make the lives of beauty service users easier. With our app they will be able to see calendar of beauty centers, check available spots and book a preferable time slot in a few easy steps.  

INSIEME earns profits by focusing on the B2B business model, meaning the main customers are the businesses in the beauty industry, specifically beauty salons and spa centers. We will have different subscription fees. 

Team INSIEME works on developing MVP and right now they are researching the market needs, adjusting wireframes and creating the test version of the product. The test version will be a simple app/software with the most important functions, and it will be tested in 10 beauty centers. The product launch is expected in the summer 2020. 

The next stage will be receiving feedback from customers and around after 8 months the final product will enter the market. 


Samezoblo is an online platform/ software that makes communication between neighbors easy, effective and quick. This app makes it easy to disseminate information between neighbors and thanks to this app it will be easier to collect money for the shared utilities. 

App provides a transparent system where you see how your paid fees are distributed, also you get updated quickly about the problems that are prevalent in the building and thus have chance to fix them faster. Currently this process is very time consuming and not a very pleasant one.

My customers are people who live in the residential buildings (have more than three neighbors) and use smartphones.

It is a very beginning stage, currently this is just an idea, I have to find a designer and developer who will help me to create the app. 

We will be on the market, once the app will be ready. So first it should be designed and tested, before we let it on the market.  

Team CHU:

Chu is the Social Enterprise and represents the board-game for promoting sign language.

Startup Chu aims to create equal opportunities for the youngsters with hearing impairment through inclusive board-game and to make communication easier.

Chu is an interesting product for teachers, for families and for people who like playing board

Chu appeared on the Georgian market a year ago. Startup plans to create different language versions of the board game to enter the international market.

For more information visit Chu’s page:


Rustavi Lego-educational center for children age: 5-12;
It’s non-formal funny educational service for developing future technological, critical and creative thinking, cognitive, research and practical decision-making skills. Lego-logic center offers parents own programs for developing the children in different subjects: psychological games, foreign languages, reading and creating the characters, watching cartoons and make own Lego cartoons; math lessons, astronomy, Lego robotics, biology, everything is touchable during the Lego-lesson to improve the skills for developing the motoring abilities.

Lego-program is unique for children as it helps them in developing and we will enter the program in educational system by collaborating with the local schools. We have three years of experience to collaborate with local state and private schools and Rustavi Lego center will make it easy to show them how interesting method it is and how to establish the methodology during the study process. This methodology helps every teacher in communication with new generation and make them interested in different subjects. We also plan to make the courses online for children to use their own supplies of Lego toys.

Our customers are children age 5-12; Though we need to contact with their parents, so we did: from 2016 we have won the project 3 times and by the help of different international funds, entered the local schools with Lego Own Program; We saw the great interest of children, teachers, parents. the psychologists observed the program and we became popular not only in the city of Rustavi, but also in the other regions of the country.

Social net helped us much in promoting the program: every new lesson was shown by the video clips, new photos and the feedback showed us the great interest of the society in new educational methodology.

So, our project began in 2016 and is still continued in Rustavi by the help of international support.


VISU increases effectiveness of learning process by visualizing materials with AR application.

We solve problems of teachers and students.
Teachers – the explaining process gets much easier because students already see what they learn, so teacher don’t need to explain many times, that means that teacher will save time and nerves (because it costs a lot of nerves and patience to explain simple things to students several times). Also, teachers will have motivated students it makes subject more interesting and fun. Teachers want to give students maximum of their knowledge and experience and our app will allow them to do so.
Students – for students’ lessons are very boring so they need some fun thing to make lesson interesting, as long as they love gadgets more that anyone, we want to make it much profitable for them. They will have fun by using AR, and because it will be so much interesting to learn by visualization it will help them develop their knowledge.

We want teachers from Europe and the rest of the world to use our product and teach students with it.

For now, we have two options first one is to work on prototype and the second is to make researches. we already have made some researches and have tested it on students, prototype is getting ready for android/iOS users.

In 4 months we can already sell application for user testing (because of nowadays problems we think we can sell it in 6 months (in September when school is starting).


Traveldent is an online platform for planning dental treatment in Georgia

The product is a tool for foreign people/tourists who are going to visit Georgia to plan their dental treatment here. 

Dream customer for our product is a middle-class tourist from European country who is visiting or plans to visit Georgia and needs or would not mind to approach Georgian dental clinics for treatment. 

At the moment our product is on Idea stage. 

The plan is to be on market by June 2020 but as of current situation, launch might be delayed. 


The project is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.