N.I.C.E. AWARD 2017 – A European Award for Innovations in Culture and Creativity

09. March, 2017

The topic for the year 2017 is Creating an Inclusive World – A Call for Transformative Innovations

The NICE Award 2017 challenges cultural and creative sectors to propose surprising and experimental solutions for helping shape an inclusive society in today’s high speed world of digital and global disruption. Special, but not exclusive, attention is to be given to human centric design, citizen participation and/or co-creation as well as transformative social innovation.

Entries eligible to the N.I.C.E. Award can be single individuals such as artists; or organisations such as companies and public institutions or agencies, non-profit foundations or initiatives as well as single researchers of research institutions from within the cultural creative sectors. Teams, even those without legal personality, can also apply.
The entries can be single projects that have already been realized or implemented policies, as well as other innovative activities, such as planned research or proposed projects. They must be no older than three years.

Up to 10 projects will be nominated for the NICE Award 2017. These will constitute the NICE Award Shortlist 2017 and be presented during NICE Award Executive Dinner and Ceremony. The jury will select a maximum of four winners from the exhibition by interviewing all nominees on September 6th. The NICE Award Executive Dinner and Ceremony will be held and hosted by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Philharmonie (philharmonic concert hall) Essen.

The Award pool is 20.000 Euro, which will be split amongst the winners depending on their ranking and at the jury’s exclusive discretion.
There are benefits for all NICE Award nominees!

Application form available from 15. March to 30. April HERE

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