Silence Awareness Existence residency program in Finland

08. May, 2017

Silence Awareness Existence is a thematic residency program in Finland for artists, scientists and creatives, engaged in the theme on various fields. The program brings together international artists and professionals from different backgrounds. Artistic, scientific, meditative and existentialistic approaches are all equally embraced.

Taking place at the heart of the Northern winter, the conditions are excellent for concentrating intensively on your work, thinking and being, as well as for sharing experiences and ideas with other, similarily oriented minds. There is no pressure to have a concrete productive outcome, in case your focus is more in inner development, self-reflection and research. All participation in group activities is voluntary.

In order to deepen the experience, there are some special elements in the program, including silent (no speaking) days and offline days (see program details below). The environment is also good for practicing meditation and yoga.

Located in the rural area of Hämeenkyrö county, far from the city lights, Arteles Creative Center gives you an opportunity to focus on your existence surrounded with pure and peaceful Nordic nature. There are countless forests, fields and small countryside roads to be explored in the region.

Winter in Finland consists mainly of silence, darkness and stillness, making it the ideal environment for inner journeys. Days are short and the sun stays low on the horizon. Shades of white, black and grey dominate the monotone landscapes, long blue moments preceding the dark. On clear nights, the milky way, shooting stars and satellites are clearly visible on the sky. If you get lucky, you may even catch the Northern Lights.

December is one of the darkest months of the year. January and February are normally somewhat snowier and colder, March already bringing more light into the days. Weathers in general are unpredictable and can vary a lot in a short time, from blinding snow storms to total stillness.

Silence Awareness Existence
Thematic residency program for artists, scientists & deep minds

Arts | Science | Creativity | Literature | Psychology | Existentialism

1 and 2 month residencies in December 2017 – March 2018
at Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland
Deadline for applications: 30th of June 2017
Read more & apply online: