The Startup Competitions You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019

28. January, 2019

Looking to pitch your idea at a startup competition? has created the ultimate list with some of the best pitch competitions worldwide and the possible prizes and awards you can win in 2019.

You might have the greatest product or idea, but it takes a lot more to bring it to the market. You will be faced with many obstacles when launching a startup. Some of them include restricted assets and resources, worries of cash flow and the lack of exposure. One way to overcome these obstacles is by participating in startup competitions.

Participating in a startup competition could be one of the most powerful experiences for startups, especially in their early stages as it can help to bring their business to the next level. Even if the prizes are a great motivator to participate in such events, no one leaves empty handed. There is a lot to gain including possible investments, media exposure, and potential strategic partnerships.

What are the perks and advantages that come with participating in such events and which events should you attend in 2019?