The Study and Mapping of the Estonian Creative Industries published

08. May, 2018

Creative industries are an area of economic activity based on individual and collective creativity, skills and talent. They are capable of creating well-being and jobs through the use of intellectual property. The main selling point is the use of intellectual property and this is where creative people are central to the process.

Creative industries generate direct economic returns and are also an environment that enables other economic entities to be more competitive in the market and find consumers. Through creativity it is possible to shape the country’s image, design the identity of goods or services and symbols, sell higher-priced experiences and intellectual enjoyments. With the rapid development of information technology and digital age, the sector`s output has expanded as well as the possibilities for the transmission of the creation. Web platforms and digital solutions are increasingly used in the creative industries. The value added to society has increased.

The creative industries sector accounted for around 3% of Estonia’s economy in 2015.


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