The first flower business conference BRAVE2BLOOM to be
held in Estonia

07. November, 2022

The Brave to Bloom Conference takes place on 28-29 November 2022 in Tallinn. It will be done in the hybrid format: both offline and online. The B2B Conference expects to gather up to 250 participants offline and more than 1000 online. The conference will introduce Estonia to the event’s guests, many
of whom may be here for the first time.

Behind the beautiful picture, flowers can provide, there are dozens of processes, technologies, ideas and a lot of work. Therefore, we decided to gather all our partners, business speakers and florists from all over the world under one roof, and they are all ready to share real stories and ideas on how to optimise your business and solve urgent issues and challenges that await you in the future: gas and energy prices
and the war have changed the industry and more changes are yet to come. To overcome all of it the old instruments are not enough. Please come and get the new ones!

In the business part, we will talk about how to open a business in EU, look at various aspects of business (HR, automatisation, creating a business model), draw up an action plan for coming crisis and learn how to implement new tools in your work.

In the art part, we will immerse ourselves in the creation of flower compositions with the best florists accompanied by the light and music show.
You will leave B2B 2022 feeling inspired to take your efforts to the next level, but most importantly, you will leave B2B 2022 with a PLAN — a plan to grow your company, grow your brand and sales.
Be brave to bloom, powerful to grow and create, no matter what!

For all clarifying questions, please write us at
Khrystyna Didukh