What is Your Story?

31. May, 2016

How to introduce yourself and your idea? What should you take into account when compiling a business plan? Creative Business Cup Scandinavian and Baltic Bootcamp was organized to help participants find answers to these questions.

Creative Business Cup´s founder and leader Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning started to heat up the feeling by introducing vibe and power to the competition. „Participating in CBC can open all doors, “he assured giving lots of examples.

CBC participants from Latvia, Finland, Danmark and Estonia polished their pitching skills. The trainer, Gleb Maltsev did not teach what to say, but focused on how to build up the pitch. „Start with the hook. Tell your own personal story, why this idea is inspiring to you and why you are ready to quit every other work for this idea, “he said.

How to attract attention and give a memorable pitch? Gleb really tested the participants’ ability to pay attention – how much do you remember about other participant´s pitch? Turned out that active listening is not as easy as we think. How to squeeze your message into given time? What is the most important? Three minutes seemed to be long and short at the same time.

“Practice, practice, practice,” advised Gleb. According to him, people prepare and practice their TEDx 18-minute speeches for months.

„Revise your business plan every couple of months. When you find that everything seems to be the same, your business plan is already out of date, “said Juko-Mart Kõlar, the business plan trainer. “Our business environment is changing all the time and when you do not keep up with the changes you cannot be successful,” he said. Together with the trainer, every participant reviewed his/her value proposition, sales channels, client segments and financials. According to Juko-Mart, it is really necessary to follow external factors such as trends and changes in legislation, to name a few.

All the participants had an opportunity to Network with each other, participate in an international conference Latitude59 and mingle with participants of Gamefounders conference´s (a gaming industry´s big event).

Creative Estonia wishes good luck to all the participants in their national finals. Estonian representative for Copenhagen’s CBC, in November, is already chosen: 3DCreationist offering easy 3D modelling for everyone is our national winner.