What´s so creative about hardware?

04. February, 2016

Whenever I tell someone that I work with creative industries startups, I tend to get a relatively confused look in response, followed by “… so what exactly are these creative industries?” Another one of my favourites — although it is happening less and less these days — is when they think that I mainly work with handicrafts.

Truth is, creative industries can be a confusing concept at first, especially as the aforementioned crafts are indeed one of the 9 (or 10, or 13, depending on the country and their definition) core fields of the creative industries. But so are advertising, design, publishing, performing arts and music, and even IT if it has some entertainment focus. So once I mention that Supercell or Spotifycan be considered creative industries too, I’ve caught their attention. And when I add that in UK alone, creative industries are now worth £84.1 billion per year or that the sector is also responsible for 4.2% of the European GDP, it is usually enough to make them listen further.