What are the skills gaps for Creative and Cultural Industries to go International?

28. June, 2017

Creative Estonia takes part in an international project which aims to
● train the Creative and Cultural Industries sector on how to internationalise its services and products.
● raise awareness on the need to integrate crucial skills for general management, internationalisation, export strategies in cultural and creative curricula
● promote national and international CCIs networks and clusters

First output of the project is a framework :What are the skills needed by Intermediary Organizations to help them access international markets and opportunities?

Download the Competence Framework for Internationalization of Creative and Cultural Industries  HERE


The framework allows to easily identify competences areas and abilities that based on the
project research outputs drive artists and cultural operators to become successful on an
international level in their specific field.
Through the online surveys, we gathered information from 105 SMEs in the CCI sector and
65 intermediary organisations who responded to our online survey to understand what
entrepreneurial skills needed by artists and creatives to structure their activity in a more
international way.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union