10.000€ for business idea development and 150.000€ for commercialisation!

20. oktoober, 2014

10448613 1515596072014109 2834466131312774454 oCreatifi invites all creative minds with a business idea related to gaming, advertising, performing arts and any other creative industry* to submit their proposals.

Creatifi offers entrepreneurs, SMEs, and ict-developers direct financial and technical support for new application and service development. just use your imagination and fiware technologies!

Upfront support is in the start 10.000 € for a prototype development and up to 150.000 € for commercialisation in two years.

1. call: october 1st – november 30th, 2014
– 60+ best ideas selected and paid upfront 10.000 € to start prototype development
1. evaluation: +15.000 €
2. evaluation: +25.000 €
2. call: october 2015
– 18 best protypes selected and paid upfront 20.000 € for commercialisation
1. evaluation: +20.000 €
2. evaluation: +30.000 €
final evaluation: +50.000 €
Fiware components called generic enablers (ges), provide open standard apis that make it easier to develop new services or incorporate advanced features to interaction with the user.

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Matchmaking-event (in finnish) fri 31.10. at 15:00-19:00 (in hub13, kaisaniemenkatu 13, helsinki)

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*) creative industries
advertising services, antique goods, architectural services, art gallery, artist supplies retailing, arts, book publishing, broadcasting (tv/ radio), ceramics, craft shops, design services, fashion, furniture, gaming, jewellery, libraries, magazines, motion picture and video distribution, museum operators, music, musicians, newspaper publishing, performers (performing art), professional photography services, publishing, specialized tourism and writers. also, creative activities are permeating into other sectors that require high degrees of creativity, most notably the ict sector.