72 Hour Interactions – A World Championship of Gameful Architecture

23. aprill, 2014

his summer, the lovely town of Witten (Germany) will be hosting the world’s first real-time architecture competition  from 21-27 July. The contest is a cultural experiment bringing Architecture and Game design together. During the 72 hour challenge five international teams will transform five neglected sites in Witten through gameful architecture interventions.

The five teams will have 72 hours to design al build interventions on site and in real-time. The teams will receive their creative missions from the organizers on the launch day for the first time. They have to start design a response to site’s potential and build it there on scale 1:1. Apart from the creative challenge, teams will have to handle practical challenges, such as: time, work-in-group progress, curious neighbors, and lack of sleep.


Organizers cover the budget for materials, food and accommodation expenses. They will also provide the central prefabrication campconstruction and safety engineerstruck, and documentation.

Participants have to bring design and work tools, portable computer +CAD Software (optional), energy, passion, inspiration.


The contest is open to all game designers, architects, and creative enthusiasts.


Applicants can apply individually or in small groups (up to six people). Organizers will connect individual applicants with other team members to form teams.

Before applying, make sure you have a 3 page portfolio in PDF or JPG, the file must be 5 mb max. There is no entry fee for the contest! The deadline for application submission is 18 May 2014

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/blog/2014/04/22/witten-first-real-time-international-architecture-competition/#ixzz2zjEru3Zp

To apply follow the instructions HERE.

For more information visit the official webpage.

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/blog/2014/04/22/witten-first-real-time-international-architecture-competition/#ixzz2zjEi8cbq