7th International Art of Management and Organization Conference

12. veebruar, 2014

The Department of Organization and the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy will organize the seventh Art of Managment and Organization Conference in Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.



The theme of the conference is “Creativity and Design”. Creativity to keep the continuity of the conference, as creativity has always been both a theme and a characteristic of the Art of Management and Organization Conference. At the same time the 2014 conference likes to highlight design, and the interrelation between creativity and design.

To find out more about the programme, registration and organizers, visit the website found below.

Conference Organizers: 
Per Darmer, Department of Organization
Henrik Hermansen, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.
Nadia Schlosser Carstensen, Department of Organization (conference administration)

Home page:http://www.conferencemanager.dk/aomo2014/about-the-conference.html