A guide to start business in Brazil

17. oktoober, 2014

3174837713 c9c270c51d b-268x357The ECCL Global Study Visit to Brazil, in February 2014, brought ECCL new contacts and ideas on cooperation. The world of creative entrepreneurs is getting more and more connected: the creative sector takes advantage of the Internet like no other economic sector, but at the same time, it can be locally based and socially responsible.

This focus on Brazil brought ECCL to promote European clusters in the country and to spread the knowledge about cooperation with Brazilian partners by preparing a guide for entrepreneurs who would like to start their international cooperation with Brazil. This guide will include basic issues concerning taxes, legal regulations, culture, online cooperation, and where to head to obtain more detailed information.

Polish design in Brazil
ECCL collaborates on this field with the initiative “The Spirit of Poland”, an independent initiative of Polish designers, promoting an exhibition which aims at presenting to the international forum the value and the potential of the dynamically growing Polish brands. The exhibition, hosted in Tokyo, London, Brazil, ?ód? and Warsaw, this year is visiting Brazil again and will take place between 4th and 28th November at the The Honestino Guimarães National Museum in Brasilia.

Learn more
Please visit http://spiritofpoland.pl/ for more information on the “The Spirit of Poland” exhibition.