Artmarket in Pärnu this summer

15. mai, 2013

kunstiturgOn Saturdays in Pärnu, Steiner garden, 1.06 (except 22.06)-17.08 12.00-16.00 – OPENING on 1 of June.


The fine arts include visual art and applied art, architecture, music, design, performance art, dance, theatre, film and photography.

The Artmarket offers residents and visitors of Pärnu an opportunity to learn more about the original Estonian arts and to buy, listen, look, touch or order works of art directly from the artists and artisans.

For artists and artisans, the Artmarket provides an opportunity to present and exhibit their work and communicate with the public and colleagues.

We welcome artists and artisans to take part in the Artmarket with paintings, photoes, graphics, sculptures, drawings, graffiti; design products of ceramics, textile, wood, leather etc; prototypes, samples, experiments, school work, finished products or models.

You can also plan workshops, outdoor photo studio, sketch drawing, one-day painting courses etc at the Artmarket.

The Artmarket has an open stage for musicians to introduce their music and albums, writers to read their pieces of writing and for performance artists, magicians, street artists, dancers and many others.

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