Balticlab 3.0 calling out to creative and entrepreneurial talent

21. oktoober, 2014

baltic labFor the third year running, Balticlab  brings creative minds from the Baltic Sea region together into one space to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration. By providing opportunities for interdisciplinary talented individuals to network and come up with joint collaborations in the region, we aim to support each individual´s personal development, as well as an increased engagement in prototyping the future of our region.

Balticlab 3.0 will kick off with a Networking Weekend in Stockholm on 12-14 December 2014 and similar to previous years will continue with a project-development programme in spring 2015, titled Balticlab Ideation, with a smaller selected group from the Balticlab Networking Weekend. Our goal is to make the Balticlab Network grow and develop year by year. Hence we will be opening the call up to more countries this year: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland, with the call targeted only to Baltic Sea talent who have not previously partaken in Balticlab. All the travel and programme costs are covered by the organisers.

Deadline for applications is 2 November. See the open call: 

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