Call for Baltic-Nordic residency at MoKS

08. juuni, 2012

moksThis is an open call for artists from Nordic countries and Baltic states to apply for a 2 month residency atMoKS in Mooste, Estonia. MoKS is a non-profit organisation run by artists and researchers with more than 10 years experience in organising a diverse program of residencies, art symposia, projects, workshops and more.

One of the current aims of the residency is to foster collaboration between artists, researchers and different communities, organizations and groups in south Estonia. Artists are also encouraged to work with the context of the landscape and features of the local environment. MoKS has developed links through a variety of regional communities, organizations, institutions and groups through past and current projects. These include schools, an elderly home, youth center, library, local municipality, the Estonian National Museum, etc. While residents are encouraged to be self-motivated and work independently MoKS can provide assistance for artists when developing a specific project in the frame of the residency with its network of volunteer members.

What we are looking for:
The MoKS residency is open to artists, organizers, curators and researchers of all artistic and creative disciplines. While our residency program is oriented towards contextual work with environmental or socially engaged practices, we also offer a comfortable concentrated atmosphere suitable for working, writing or research.

Three residencies with the duration of 2 months each are now available from September – December 2012.

Who is eligible:
Three residencies are being offered for residents of Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Aland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

What we offer:

– cover of travel costs up to 200 euros

– a monthly stipend of 600 euros (to receive stipend and travel costs the artist must stay in the residency a minimum 85% of agreed time)

– a spacious and comfortable work- and living space

– access to MoKS facilities and assistance for realisation of projects.

For info on residency facilities please visit:

To apply please send us:

– Brief text explaining your interests in MoKS artist-in-residence program and your objectives for the residency period

– Preferred residency dates

– Curriculum vitae (a CV indicates your artistic experience, education or work experiences abroad)

– Previous work samples: photos, CD-rom, DVD, texts, web links any other information related to your application.

Applications should be sent to , deadline of applying June 15th 2012.

Additional information:  +372 53 306 679 Siiri Kolka

Made possible with the support from Nordic Culture Point, Mobility and Residency Programme, Estonian Cultural Endowment and Estonian Ministry of Culture