Conceptual projects of Design & Engineering Master´s program

19. jaanuar, 2012

design_and_engineering_1A public presentation of D&E projects where 5 innovative solutions in personal training equipment field were presented took place on 10th of January. For students it was the finish of their 4-months work in the conceptual design course. What are the concepts students came up with?

design_and_engineering_1POD is a gaming device with a goal to improve children’s posture. An extended research was carried out regarding children with posture problems. This research revealed a disturbing fact that most of the children attending 1st class have some sort of a back or posture problem. While looking for a solution to create an exercise equipment for children to improve their posture, a window was seen in video gaming devices.

POD  is a gaming chair which acts as navigation joystick on a regular game controller. A flexible joint under the seat enables free movement with the seat. This movement stimulates abdominal and core muscles, which are most crucial for posture improvement. improve their posture, a window was seen in video gaming devices.

POD is made compatible with Xbox Kinect and PS Move which enable constant feedback to the player about right posture via infrared camera sensors. The height of the device can be adjusted within 50 mm making it suitable for 7 to 10-year-old’s.



Gym Bean is designed first and foremost for the users with modest or average physical properties who tend to avoid gyms and prefer to work out at home. It also gives a great opportunity for trainers (aerobics etc.) to create new flexible training programs for different groups.

GymBean is offering lot more flexibility and variety with more possible exercises than other similar products. At the same time the product remains simple in design and doesn’t become more expensive for possible clients.



Cura is a home training assistance for seniors who are recovering from hip fracture. The system of body mounted sensors and two different devices assist during exercises and everyday life. It gives the patient motivation and doctor receives information about patient progress.


Jumpy is an interactive mattress/jumping board. It is a platform for different games, which is aimed at younger people, who have been detached from physical exercise. Jumpy enables them to train through playing games with their friends.


design_and_engineering_6Paseo is a home training equipment that mimics stepping in a natural way. Surface to step on is soft, giving feedback from the movement and ensuring excitement while keeping the balance. Simple technical solution is based on pneumatics.

Paseo is part of a new business model that also engages people not willing to exercise in gyms by renting different equipment and guiding training via service system.

What was the feedback from the audience?

Renno Veinthal, professor at Department of Materials Engineering, was satisfied with the results: “I find the level of the projects presented is good, for some of them even very good. Most of the projects were original and demonstrated a good technical grasp as well as creativity. It is hard to point out only one of the projects. In its simplicity, the GymBean is definitely a winner. If it could be produced at a reasonable price, it could find its position in market and also success in sales.

Another project to highlight, especially for a deep-laid framework and a catchy presentation style was the CURA. Despite some critical remarks I made on their concept, I believe this project is worthy to develop further. If it were possible to the describe with so few sensors and with enough accuracy the body movements and the positions of the body parts and based on that give feedback for the rehabilitation program, this concept could be very successful on the market.

In general it was great that there were many students and professionals in the audience, the room became even packed as obviously there were more people than expected. Probably, next time a bigger room should be booked!”

Kristjan Mändmaa, the programme manager of DDVE at Tartu Univesity Viljandi Culture College pointed out the Paseo. “I liked Paseo with the proposal of Toivo Tähemaa to add also a pumping function, In my opinion it would be a revolutionary pump. At the same time product is very simple. Simple and effective, bringing a solution to a everyday problem. This is what I like.”

Those who missed our presentations this time, we look forward to meet you and exchanging ideas in spring!e

Source: Estonian Design Centre