Conference AuditoriumsMeet in Edinburgh, 30. Oct- 1. Nov 2012

27. juuni, 2012

auditoriums_meetAuditoriumsMeet is a conference, workshop and networking event which explores the essential business trends and market dynamics of live entertainment venues.

Bringing together executives from the world’s concert halls, arenas, theatres, festivals and performance spaces, AuditoriumsMeet 2012 is the essential industry meeting for venue owners, operators and developers.

The conference takes place in Scotland’s wonderful capital city of Edinburgh from 30 October to 1 November 2012 to address the industry’s key issues during two days of discussions, site visits and peer-to-peer networking that will change your venue ideas forever.

Core themes for discussion at AuditoriumsMeet 2012 include:

  • Architecture and Design: A focus on renovation and Modernisation
  • Turning your venue into an Entertainment Destination
  • Marketing and Engagement in the era of Social Media
  • Revenue Generation: From ticketing and merchandise through to catering and retail
  • New Content and New Event Experiences
  • Audience Engagement and Development;
  • Naming rights, branding and sponsorship – Balancing commercial gain with customer quality;
  • Sustainability and Venue Operations: Save energy, improve your bottom line and embrace the new era of corporate social responsibility
  • New Technologies to enhance your Visitor Experience
  • Attractions or Distractions? How best to add secondary income streams
  • PLUS site visits and venue tours

AuditoriumsMeet 2012 is designed for leading executives in theatre, concert hall, arena, performing arts and live entertainment destinations, including:

  • Venue Owners & Operators
  • Commercial & Business Development Directors
  • Local Authority/City Arts and Tourism Departments
  • Arts Bodies
  • Event Promoters
  • Festival Organisers/Host Sites
  • Architects and Designers
  • Consultants
  • Financiers/Investors
  • Product & Service Suppliers

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