CRe-AM project unites creators and tech providers; get involved!

10. juuli, 2013

The CRe-AM project aims to bridge communities of creators with communities of technology providers and innovators, in a collective, strategic intelligence/roadmapping effort to streamline, coordinate and amplify collaborative work towards developing, enhancing, and mainstreaming new ICT technologies and tools by addressing the needs of different sectors of the creative industries (e.g. art/culture, crafts, publishing, design, games).

The premise is that ICT use could help make art more widely accessible, more inclusive, and generate significant awareness around it. The project will involve creators who currently use ICT tools in their everyday creative practices, and engage them in a collective dialogue with ICT researchers and developers, with a focus of empowering creators by giving them access to new forms of facilitation, enhancement, and contextualization of the creative process and its product. The focus will be on the future ICT R&D agenda, which will develop new tools for supporting the creative processes as well as enhancing and improving existing tools and platforms to be more adapted to, or to better care for, the needs of specific creators’ groups.

Thus, the project will also aim at forming a critical mass of ICT and creative communities working together. The main target users will be individual creators/workers and professionals, as well as SMEs, creative groups, communities, and organizations. Main results will include recommendations for policy, planning, and decision making for the creative industries community and convergent plans (roadmaps) for specific future actions and initiatives. More specifically, the benefits from CRe-AM will include.

How should stakeholders get involved
As it is focused on delivering a valuable service to both creative and ICT communities, CRe-AM aims to reach a big number of diverse stakeholders in the creative areas of arts, crafts, design, e-publishing and video games, and to address their needs by engaging them in a fruitful dialogue, so as to build a good understanding of their context, discover common ground, identify future needs and create a shared future vision, and plan strategically towards new ways of using technologies and tools, new products/service and new business models.

  • The project will offer the effort, expertise, organisational capacity, and resources to make the consultation and strategic planning events possible.
  • The project will also cover all the travel expenses of the stakeholders participating in the project’s consultative workshops.
  • The project will provide to participants appropriate skills development and training for them to be able to build and sustain their own roadmaps/strategic plans for the future.
  • The project will offer a ‘matchmaking’ service, matching the needs of the creative stakeholder with ICT specialists with matching expertise.
  • The commitment expected from the participating stakeholders is mainly their active engagement and their time, which will be 2-4 days over the duration of the project (2 years)

Stakeholder information
Interested in getting involved and becoming a stakeholder, or just need some more information? Please contact project coordinator Dr Lampros Stergioulas directly.