Creative Entrepreneurship Course in Tallinn

14. märts, 2013

entepreneurThis course, offered by Tallinn Summer School and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, aims to encourage entrepreneurial attitude through a creative approach and provide practical skills for developing participants’ careers.


The steady job and predictable career path are now historical relics. The only real security lies in taking an entrepreneurial approach to our own careers, by taking responsibility for developing our skills, building our network and reputation, and creating opportunities for ourselves. Of course, entrepreneurs have always relied on their creativity to produce wealth, but the modern creative entrepreneur goes even further.John Howkins defines creative entrepreneurs as people who ’use creativity to unlock the wealth that lies within themselves’ rather than external capital.

It is based on three pillars:

Remember: we are all born artists as well as entrepreneurs!

Non-degree course | July 15 – July 19, 2013


No previous knowledge of entrepreneurship is required for course participation. The course is suitable for anybody interested in exploring creativity techniques, gaining an entrepreneurial attitude through engaging group works and learning about your real career wishes. The student participants will gain 3 ECTS. Course is limited to 25 participants.

Course fee

300 EUR. For students 200 EUR


Information about course content: Katrin Makarov, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre | //“>

Registration, practicalities: Birgit Kirsimägi | //“>