Creative Estonia in a new hotel in Tallinn- Estoria!

29. aprill, 2014

sipa.s-palvelutIn Tallinn, Estonia, a new creative hotel has been opened that unites the Estonian cultural heritage in its rooms. Read on to learn more about this inspiring creative project.

In April, brand new business class hotel Estoria is being opened in Tallinn. An inspiring story is told in every single one of its 93 rooms. Each story is presented by a different organisation, offering extra value to each stay and giving reasons for returning to the country. Many of the stories reflect Estonian culture and the creative economy whereas the cooperation with the hotel management is an outstanding example of  the added value produced by the cultural and creative sector in the local society.

Did you know?
Common and well-known practices in Estonia are in general new and exciting to visitors. The stories presented in the rooms always link to the source, and that is how further interaction is being encouraged. For example:

  • Did you know that the world’s first animation in 3D was produced as early as 1977 in Estonia?
  • Did you know that Estonia is the only country in the world to have crafts in the curriculum for its general education schools? The Estonian National Museum preserves skirt stripe patterns from more than 800 locations – it is like our own bar code! In Haapsalu lace shawls which you can fit through a ring are knitted, and these have been made there for the past 200 years.
  • Did you know that the robots that are used to create’s virtual fitting rooms can take over a 100.000 different body shapes?
  • Did you know that Estonians are theatre-going people? There are more than 40 different theatres that receive more than 1.2 million visits annually – while the Estonian population counts 1.3 million. An Estonian is even happy to soldier through a bog for several kilometres at 3 am in the morning to be able to attend a play or concert!

Maps by Regio
Each room will feature an illustrated map of Estonia, showing the location of each story, provided by Regio, a local company producing map applications.

More information
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