Creative Estonia joins Creative Business Cup

27. aprill, 2012

Creative_Business_CupWe are proud to present Loov Esti (Creative Estonia) as an official partner for Creative Business Cup and a host for the national competition in Estonia. We have asked the Chief Executive Officer for Creative Estonia, Eva Leemet, a couple of questions about Creative Business Cup and why a competition like is important for the wider society.

Why is it important for Estonia to participate in Creative Business Cup?

Creative Business Cup is a great opportunity to foster international cooperation between organisations promoting creative industries. It is also a chance for Estonian creative businesses to define their international marketing potential and make themselves visible in terms of export value and new contacts. We believe that there is talent ant potential in every country, also in Estonia, that has to be exhibited.

Why are the creative industries important?

Creative industries are the key to economic growth and innovation in changing economic situation. Due to rapid technological development creativity is the essence of added value to a wide range of services and products. It is the emotion, content and usability that contemporary society needs, new ways that customers can identify themselves with. And this is what creative approach to businesses provides.

What are particularly strong fields within the creative industries in Estonia?

In 2007 the proportion of creative industries made 3% of national GDP. Estonian government has set the development of creative industries as a priority in the coalition agreement. The network of support structures is constantly growing – there are creative business incubators in three major towns in Estonia. Creative Estonia is playing the role of an umbrella organization covering all creative industry sectors, coordinating communication and cooperation across different fields of businesses and sectors. A number of departmental development centres have been formed, also the professional associations are contributing a lot to co-promotion of their sector.