Crowdfunding- a combined tool for marketing and funding

12. veebruar, 2013

url-1Lasse Mäkelä, the co-founder of Invesdor spoke about the options of funding and marketing of  the crowdfunding platform INTERGAME 2013.

Invesdor is the first and leading Northern European open equity-based crowdfunding platform. Its aim is to provide an online matching service, where entrepreneurs looking to raise equity financing can connect easily with investors who are seeking to discover and invest in exciting new startups from the Nordic region.


Crowdfunding is the term for raising the capital for new projects and businesses by receiving contributions from a large and diversified number of stakeholders. The raising capital can be achieved by donations, rewards, lending or profit sharing.  

“Crowdfunding is needed for traditional fund raising – it’s a difficult process which takes a long time. Due to regulatory changes and economic uncertainty, banks lend even less than before,” Mäkelä explained.

Marketing aspect

“About the marketing aspect, theentrepreneur and Invesdor together build a communication and marketing plan. The entrepreneur has to communicate to its networks and press and Invesdor on the other side communicates the project to wider public, spreads the entrepreneur’s story to its networks and builds new investor relationships,” Mäkela said 


There are many benefits to entrepreneurs with crowdfunding. “They have the possibility with this method to motivate the shareholders and therefore have more time to develop their business. There is the opportunity to have the full control of fund raising process and investor selection,” Mäkela addressed the entrepreneurs.

“The investors enjoy the fact that crowdfunding has a simple and easy investment process. The minimum reaches as little as 20euros per investment and the service is fully online. It’s the opportunity to contribute, get involved and be part of great stories,” Mäkela showed the upside to the investors.

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