Culture Action Europe’s Conference and General Assembly ‘Act for culture, act for Europe’ – Brussels 9-11 November 2012

02. oktoober, 2012

The world is changing at a fast pace and we are currently facing one of the biggest cultural crises that the modern, Western socio-economic model has ever been through. Just giving voice to the demands of the arts and culture sector will not achieve to promote societies that treasure culture.

While continuing to advocate for an improved EU Cultural Policy, cultural operators, activists and campaigners must progressively engage in all aspects of Policies that impact on Societal Cultural Development from local to European level. Economic and social developments, education, external relations, youth, innovation, welfare and labour, environment, … all of the above include components that directly impact on our cultural life, on societal development as well as, naturally, on the conditions that cultural operators work within.

Advocating for an improved Cultural Policy at EU level remains essential, but it is now time to foster and facilitate the establishment of a long lasting pan-European cross-sectoral civil society movement engaged in advocating for culture as a necessary element of any strategy for sustainable societies.

On 9-11 November 2012, Culture Action Europe’s Conference and General Assembly ‘Act for culture, act for Europe’ in Brussels, Belgium, will take the first necessary steps to ignite and foster the changes and the broader civic engagement needed. The conference programme represents one of the organisation’s steps towards a more participatory approach to its life and planning, open to the contributions of those from other sectors similarly engaged in fostering the necessary change in Europe and beyond. 

The 2012 Conference and General Assembly is therefore conceived to allow its participants to learn, discuss, network, and reach common initial agreements on what to do, how to do it and when to do it. The programme modules themselves consist of a mix between inspirational speeches and panel debates and intensive informal table discussions. The aim of the table discussions is to facilitate and multiply the exchange of views and experiences as well as to foster the setting up of common initiatives.

We are convinced that your contribution to the conference would bring an important added value to the change we are commited to foster and we truly hope that you can participate! For more information about the programme and to register online, please visit