Cumulus allied with BEDA!

05. juuni, 2012

BEDAThe partnership between BEDA, the Bureau of European Design Associations and Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media was signed in Helsinki Finland on 24 May 2012 during the Northern World Mandate conference (23-26 May 2012) under Cumulus umbrella hosted by Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland in the presence of 500 conference delegates.

The partnership was thoroughly discussed and developed over past years. The final kick-off for the great future together was carried out during the historical event in Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 by BEDA President Deborah Dawton and Cumulus President Christian Guellerin.


As BEDA says, it raises the awareness of the impact that designers could have in business, now we have the opportunity to share and develop things together between the academics and the profession. BEDA has brought together 42 professional design associations from across 24 European countries. Cumulus provides now a direct linkage with the design profession for its members to discuss and develop design education and research together as well as with the profession to share knowledge through the Cumulus academic community having today 120 members in Europe. Cumulus and BEDA are both keen on doing things together for the better Design Tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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