Der Tank – The Tetley Tea Case

03. juuni, 2011

Tank is a full-service advertising agency that has operated for 15 years. From the very beginning, the agency has been independent of international chains and is now ranked as the market leader (Marketing TOP 2010 by the business newspaper Äripäev ). The success stems from its creative focus and ability to develop concepts for the local as well as international market.

Tank has devised and conducted campaigns in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Germany and Great Britain. The geographically most distant campaign by Tank was launched in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia when their long-standing customer Tetley decided to involve Tank in a large-scale invasion of the Arabian Peninsula in order to establish the Tetley brand as international brand number 2. Today, the market leader is Lipton. Tank was assigned the task of providing solutions for outdoor advertising and print media.   Arabs like their tea very strong. More often than not, it takes more than a pack of ordinary tea to make a cup of tea. Thanks to Tetley’s unique string straw technology, a Tetley teabag provides considerably more taste. „To get it out you don’t have to squeeze the bag as with others,“ adds Joel Volkov, the Leading Partner and Creative Director of Tank. Hence, the idea for the solution for outdoor advertising and print media – more flavour, less fuss.

Challenges of working to another culture
Volkov admits that working to another country with a different culture is quite challenging.  „For example some colours and shapes are taboos for Arabs and they are reading from left to right. It is also a very religious country. So you have to take a lot of details under consideration.“

Professionals in Tank are determined to break out to other markets and they have the potential to do so. „We are working hard to provide as good quality as Scandinavian agencies. So international corporations can look for excellent solutions to suit their high standards from Estonia as well. We want to be among the first to take that impression to a wider international level,“ concludes the Manager of Tank.