Design and Development of Virtual Environments by the University of Tartu

27. juuni, 2012

579600_403815952994671_1224108477_nThe new Master’s Program DDVE (Design and Development of Virtual Environments) by the University of Tartu is a significant improvement in the learning process. The industry provided us with extensive feedback about its needs, and there was a thorough analysis of many international educational programs and concepts (our favorite authors are Steve Blank and Eric Ries). The result is DDVE – an entrepreneurial Master’s Program without precedent. It is both inter-disciplinary and practical, and, it teaches cutting edge international product and business development.

The extremely varied backgrounds of our students provides the opportunity to create a new quality out of cooperation and teamwork. Unique, even in a global sense three different fields into are combined into a single program: Design + Technology + Entrepreneurship.

  • ICT students with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Design students interested in ICT
  • Students of economy and business management
  • Students of law and social sciences
  • Startuppers wishing to hone their skills
  • Employees of ICT-companies wanting to expand the scope of their skills
  • Everyone who wants to change the world by creating innovative products and services.

See application infot here