Design Meets Music (Flow Festival) and Art (Helsinki Festival)

28. august, 2012

helsinki_design_capitalMuch like music and art, design too is meant for everyone. WDC Helsinki 2012 has a strong presence at the Flow Festival organised in Suvilahti, Helsinki (8.-12.8.) as well as in the Helsinki Festival (17.8.-2.9.) that spreads around the entire city.

During the Flow our ventures include: unique water bar Fountain, festival stage Balloon reflecting the shape of an old gasometer and created as a result of an international architecture competition, a design garden preceding the Everyday Discoveries exhibition to be opened in September in Suvilahti, as well as a video art by Tuomas Alexander Laitinen called Passage, available for viewing at the Garage Gallery. Our co-operation with the Helsinki Festival is available for the audience via two interesting exhibitions: An Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno brings his gigantic installations into the Taidehalli and there they can be approached as art, science and/or architecture. Whereas in the Amos Anderson Art Museum’s Boutique exhibition one can find a creative combination of visual arts and fashion design.

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