Eesti-Ameerika Innovatsiooniauhind 2011

30. september, 2011

Ameerika Ühendriikide saatkond koostöös Baltic American Freedom Foundation’i ning American Chamber of Commerce’iga kuulutab selle aasta oktoobris välja konkursi The Estonian American Innovation Award 2011. Kandideerimistähtaeg on 31. oktoober.

Konkursi info:


Estonian American Innovation Award 2011

The U.S. Embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (AmCham Estonia), and the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) are pleased to offer a 10,000 Euro first-place prize and a 5,000 Euro second-place prize to Estonian residents, firms, and organizations that have distinguished themselves through innovation in collaboration with a U.S. counterpart.

Estonia is synonymous with innovation, both within the IT sector and others.  The nation has a well-earned reputation for creativity and new ideas in many fields, from the arts to academia to commerce. Accordingly we are seeking entries from across the range of sectors, including business and commerce, academic and scientific research, medicine and health, the environment, energy, the arts, media, education, and civil society.

Submissions will be evaluated upon the following criteria:

  • Creativity – The innovation or adaption should demonstrate originality.
  • Impact – The innovation should have a clear or potential impact in its given field; and/or evince that it will increase the efficiency of an existing item or process.
  • Collaboration – The innovation must successfully demonstrate collaboration and cooperation between Estonian and American individuals or entities.
  • Timeliness – The innovation should not be more than five years old.
  • Recognition – The results of the innovation should have received peer recognition, or recognition by critics, in professional journals, or have demonstrated success in the market place.
  • Cost Effectiveness – The innovation should evince that it adds value while at the same time containing or reducing costs.

Specific details for entering the competition are available on the AmCham and U.S. Embassy websites – at and

Applications will be accepted until October 31.