Entrepreneurship Summer School in Brussels

30. mai, 2013

customLogoGoogle and ThinkYoung, together with the European Institute of Industrial Leadership are happy to present to you the next step in becoming a future Entrepreneur. Young individuals from across Europe are offered the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial knowledge and principles, acquire a variety of new skills and network with both successful entrepreneurs and other like minded, motivated people. 


The Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS) was set up in 2011 to provide young Europeans the opportunity to learn about core business values. It moved away from the traditional classroom style of learning, adopting a more practical hands on approach aimed at providing an intense course and experiental gains.

The ESS offers participants the opportunity to connect and receive advice from successful entrepreneurs operating in a variety of fields. Throughout the week, groups are able to question the high profile speakers on a number of topics, enabling them to acquire valuable knowledge and gradually compose a final presentation to conclude the learning experience.

Throughout the duration of the school, students are exposed to real experiences, stories of both entrepreneurial success and failure; and last but not least, provided with an opportunity to visit the European Parliament and contribute to a debate with MEP’s.

After the final presentations, ThinkYoung along with the EIIL, provide students with an “eazypreneurship guide”. This guide contains information participants highlighted as the foundation and essential principles of entrepreneurship. It ultimately provides participants an external source of information which can be used as a reference point for their personal projects.

No professors, academic books or lectures. Simply, successful Entrepreneurs communicating their own personal experiences in business. A truly unforgettable experience, providing students with the confidence to take that next step in business. Our aim is to conquer the stigma of entrepreneurial failure throughout Europe, creating a better, socially prosperous and enjoyable future for all. 

This year’s event will take place from 8th to 12th of July. 
Whether you are a current student, recent graduate or budding entrepreneur, you are invited to apply!