Estonia participates in Creative Business Cup competition 12-13 November in Copenhagen

06. november, 2012

jomybooksOn the 12th – 13th November 2012 as part of  Global Entrepreneurship Week, the competition for entrepreneurs from the creative industries anywhere in the world Creative Business Cup is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a partner in the competition, Creative Estonia will present our national competitor- childrens’ e-book environment Jomybooks.

Jomybooks is a collaborative platform for storytellers and designers to publish kids books for tablets. Jomybooks is open for everybody to participate in the process of creating a virtual book- parents, kids, designers.

The objective of Jomybooks is to make the process of publishing a book easy and cheap. To encourage people to publish their writings and illustrations.

Today children are reading less every day as computer games are becoming much more attractive. The team of Jomybooks believes that making the creation of books interactive with the usage of new technology and graphics will bring kids back to traditional storytelling.

“Publishing a book on the internet involves less resources and makes marketing easier, therefore most of the books will be available for no cost. The creation of the book is free and so will be the product. Authors are able to find illustrators or co-authors online and in the future animation and sound can be added to the story,” says one of the team members, Ingmar Vali.

According to the developers the first book examples are already waiting to be published.

The purpose of Creative Business Cup is to strengthen the business competencies of creative entrepreneurs. Through participating in the competition each entrepreneur should increase their ability to successfully start up a company based on their creative competencies.

Creative Business Cup is looking for new and revolutionary business ideas stemming from the creative industries. The business idea must have a strong market potential and at least one of the people in the management team must have an education or background from the creative industries.

Projects from 18 countries all over the world like USA, Malaysia, Estonia, Iceland, Demark, Norway etc. will present their projects during the pitching session.

The jury for Creative Business Cup consists of experts on creative industries and entrepreneurship. The jury is absolutely independent and its primary task is to select the winner of the Creative Business Cup. Members of the jury for the Creative Business Cup 2012 are excluded from taking part in the competition. Among the Jurors Estonian entrepreneur Andrei Korobeinik is going to review the projects. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will present the 1., 2. and 3. prizes to the winners of Creative Business Cup 2012 himself on November 14th.

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