EU culture going international

29. aprill, 2014

Creative goods account for 4.3 % of the EU external exports. Cultural export is also one of the key elements in the development of creative ecosystems, says a new report by the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Member States Expert Group on Cultural and Creative Sectors’ Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies.

The report(3.27 Mb)  is available online.

This report is the outcome of the work carried out by a group of experts representing the 28 EU Member States within the Open Method of Coordination. It highlights the huge potential for internationalisation in the cultural and creative sectors and the successful support measures implemented across Europe.

Examples of good practice

Thirty-three examples of good practice in the Member States have been analysed, from dedicated strategies for exports in CCS, general business development support with a focus on CCS to targeted support for networks and clusters. The report also looks at support for international promotion; support measures at EU level; support for showcases, festivals, fairs, trade missions, and other export-related events and activities; as well as support for inter-regional cooperation.

In addition to the examples from the EU Member States, the report showcases lessons to be learnt from practices from other countries, such as Canada and Japan. 

Mapping of Cultural and Creative Industry Export and Internationalisation Strategies  in EU Member States, Judith STAINES and Colin MERCER, European Expert Network on Culture (EENC), 2013