European Commission appointed Ragnar Siil as expert to consult Ukrainian and Georgian cultural policy processes

08. september, 2014

creativity labBy the request of Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Georgian Ministry of Culture and Management Protection, European Commission has appointed Ragnar Siil, founder and managing partner of Creativity Lab as external expert for the two governments to consult the cultural policy and strategy drafting process in both countries.

The mission last for six months and it includes advising the Ministries and other stakeholders in policy formulation, stakeholder involvement, sharing the best practices from Estonia and other European countries and facilitating key meetings. Sending of the expert is supported by the European Eastern Partnership Cultural Programme. Ragnar Siil has previously worked as Estonian Undersecretary for the Arts, chaired in 2011-2013 the working group responsible for drafting new Estonian cultural policy guidelines and from 2011-2014 he was chairing European Union expert group on cultural and creative industries.